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Discover the Unique and Absolute Vector Origin.
Each element sublimes the music authenticity and makes a sensorial immersion.

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Power supply
Player - amplifier
Faithful presentation of the miraculous and enveloping dynamics a live performance delivers is impossible without an uncompromising foundation of clean and quiet power for the system’s components. The attributes we all can identify as belonging to a live performance are often difficult to explain, but dynamic expression, the difference in volume between complete silence and the loudness of a piano forte, a snare drum rim shot, or a trumpet blat, is largely responsible for convincing us we’re in the presence of live music. The overall volume doesn’t have to be loud, but the contrasts between notes can make the goose bumps appear as if we’re at a concert emotionally connecting to a real performance.

The separate Power Supply sets the stage for the rest of the system.

Two roles integrated into one component, delivering a superior result than if separated. Unparalleled signal integrity and faithfulness to the recording are achieved as never 

An innovative hybrid DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) designed by renowned French manufacturer TOTALDAC. The Origin system will play a wide range of sources, including 24bit/192kHz. An Internet network connection is provided for use with NAS or a streaming music service, thanks to Roon interface.

It simplify amplifies the music, cherishing the best of the recording’s texture, silkiness, openness, and dynamic contrasts. Let the artists come through untouched. An extremely difficult role to perform correctly, and often confused by those striving for a perfect measurement for the eyes to read, instead of respecting a path our ears will love when they hear it.

Imagine the filters as the conductor of an orchestra, responsible for interpreting the musical score, and expertly directing the complement of instruments (loudspeakers in our system) to perform their roles perfectly and deliver an outstanding performance.

Dedicated to the differentiation of the frequency ranges, the filter designs required great care and attention. By solving a series of complex equations and tests, favoring the use of noble materials such as copper and silver, our filters maintain the perfect integrity of the magnified signal, as well as the optimization of the complex impedance that link the loudspeakers and the amplifier. In order to eliminate any direct or indirect mechanical interference, the filters are placed outside the loudspeakers themselves. The culmination of these extraordinary efforts ensures perfect harmony between the amplifier and the speakers.

With the care and uncompromising attention to detail devoted to the integrity of the recording to this point in the system, the loudspeakers can genuinely shine and transform an electrical signal into the music that stirs our souls. 
That is, if the loudspeakers are properly engineered.

The Origin loudspeakers are composed of high performance transducers of a very high quality. The composite materials used in the Formula One sector are molded into complex folds, and extensively tested to reduce parasitic resonances and diffraction, standing waves and harmonic distortion. At the same time, the combination of the enclosures and the transducers was tested to elegantly maximize a powerful dynamic range and emotional force.

The size of these loudspeakers is directly related to the impossibility on earth to realistically reproduce low frequencies, thus long wavelengths, without large volumes. All of the marketing surrounding “small” that has invaded the music reproduction industry in the last 30 years is extremely interesting in its prowess of miniaturization, but with disastrous results in even attempting to deliver on the veracity of a full-range, convincing presentation of a live performance. The height of an Origin loudspeaker is 4.6 I (1.40 m), giving the low frequency range exceptional power and truly remarkable intelligibility. And they do so even in smaller spaces, as well.

The speaker system is extremely efficient and purposeful, stepping forward to play its role as part of the Askja Origin System with a perfect combination of authority and finesse, effortless dynamic expression and lifelike presentation of a live performance, all in faithful service and respect to the recording.

The Origin Console is “anti-vibration” and scatters sonically detrimental back waves, ensuring all the system components placed on it can perform their best. The Console is delivered pre-cabled so your Origin system remains aesthecally pure.